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Getting ready to sing


We always begin with some simple exercises to relax the body and encourage good breathing and vocal use, so that singing will feel easy and natural.These can be done standing or sitting, and you are encouraged to tune into your own body in the present moment. We usually generate some laughter during this phase too... which is good, as laughter is an excellent vocal exercise!


Learning by call and response

We sit in a circle, and songs are taught by the leader singing a section and getting people to repeat it back. Songs vary from simple two-part arrangements, to rounds, or more complex pieces. We'll usually have a few core songs we're working on during the term, with a mix of material we've done before and new things. New people are welcome to join any week. 

Singing by candlelight


We always end the session by singing something gentle together by candlelight, followed by a few minutes of silence at the end. It makes a calm and relaxing end to the evening. 


Not meeting at present (last updated autumn 2021)

£8 per session or £5 if you're on income-tested benefits. 

St Anthony of Padua Hall,

115 Headley Way,


Oxford OX3 7SS 

Car parking available - if church car park full, adjacent streets have unrestricted evening parking.


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